Single Review: “Chi Chi” by Azealia Banks

When it seemed as if Azealia Banks’ career was going nowhere, she came up with a new single titled “Chi Chi”. This new single is so good that you’d want her to keep delivering. It’s certified fresh and unique. This original single is another one of those one-off singles that she’ll continue to release until she’s ready to release her new mixtape.

This latest single “Chi Chi” came out via YouTube. Azealia’s been talking about this single on social media for some time now. This song has a minimal production because the focus stays on Azealia’s delivery of lyrics more than any other thing. She has proved again that she’s got talent. Maybe her fans would forget her recent frustrations and boob-biter scandal.

Despite the fact that Azealia has done some good work on this song, it’s obvious that a lot of people won’t be paying attention to her music anymore. She was rude to Zayn Malik and she supported Donald Trump during the last presidential campaign. But let’s forget all that and listen to her music. “Chi Chi” is a certified original single with heavy bass. This banger addresses Azealia’s haters as well. Listen to it below.

Listen to “Chi Chi” by Azealia Banks

Post Author: David Watt