Single Review: “Broken Glass” by Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten has recently released a new single from her second album with a major label. This new single is titled “Broken Glass” and it has a powerful feminist theme. The song talks about seeing the brighter side of things, even when you don’t have any hope. There is always a glimpse of light somewhere. Once you find it, you can bring the spark back to your life. That’s what  Rachel Platten sings about in this new single.

While talking about the song, Rachel Platten tags it as a song of joy, healing, and excitement. I think she is very true in calling this song a proper anthem of the modern woman. It has a message of unity and strength. Rachel tells the modern woman that she should realize her importance. She is fabulous and her life could be fantastic, only if she realizes it first. This realization is what Rachel Platten is trying to develop for her audience so that they can eventually build their strength.

Rachel Platten earlier gave us the hit number “Fight Song”, which was somewhat a different sound from what we hear now. This new sound that we hear in new single “Broken Glass”  is mid-tempo. It’s produced by Stargate and Jarrad Rogers so you can pretty much get the idea about the kind of sound you can expect if you have following these producers. Nevertheless, you can experience it yourself. Hear the song below and enjoy this powerful anthem.

Listen to new single “Broken Glass” by Rachel Platten

Post Author: David Watt