Single: “My Sad Christmas Song” by Miley Cryrus

Miley Cyrus premiered┬áher Christmas song on 25th December after teasing with a preview a week prior to that. The song, titled “My Sad Christmas Song”, is unlike any other Christmas gift you’d ever get since it’s a sad anthem for a festive day.

The track is sad and moody and has Miley stamped all over it. It sounds vintage and reminds of the rock from 80s. You won’t probably like the lyrics unless you are a pessimist. She sings about having a bad year and how she feels sad about it now. If you have had a good year, the song won’t probably influence you at all but still it’s a solid production and Miley has done ever so well with her vocals. It’s worth listening.

With this song, many of Miley’s fans would be wishing her a great 2016 ahead and praying for her to return to ‘regular’ music instead of experimenting all the time. After all Miley has a very powerful voice and she is really talented. If she starts focusing on ┬ámaking ‘hit’ songs, she will definitely go a long way. But for now, that’s only wishful thinking. Listen to her ‘sad’ Christmas ballad below.

Listen to “My Sad Christmas Song” by Miley Cyrus

Post Author: David Watt