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New Single: “Kill for You” Skylar Grey Feat Eminem

Skylar Grey reaches out for Eminem once again and this time, it’s a killer track titled “Kill for You.” Ms Grey has put herself in a scenario where she has to murder for love.

The song is co-produced by Mark Batson, Eminem and Mike Elizo and it’s a dark R&B number featuring Skylar Grey as the lead vocalist. “Kill for You” is a single from Ms Grey’s recently released album “Natural Causes.”

Let me be honest, it’s the Eminem involvement that made me listen to the track and definitely, the verse added by the Rap-god in the middle is a perfect saviour.

Skylar’s previous collaborations with Rihanna and Eminem were an awesome hit and also, this time, she’s stolen the hearts of her fans.

The dark and killer-esque feel in the song is going to impress many of music lovers. Skylar is definitely proving herself to be a top music artist with her catchy voice.

The lyrics “in my eyes, even if you’re wrong, you’re right, even if there’s a terrible crime” do show the love for her man that she wouldn’t resist even a single moment to murder someone until they’re together.

“All I know is you love me, that is really all that matter, and anyone who cross our paths are just collateral damage” Eminem’s verse show that he’s the dominating participant in the relationship and he’s telling Skylar that their world just revolves around them; no one else doesn’t really matter.

Listen: “Kill For You” Skylar Grey Feat Eminem

Post Author: David Watt