Single “Drinkin’ Too Much” by Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt has dropped a new song titled “Drinkin’ Too Much”. It’s a brand new single and it will make your new year even better. But don’t get too excited about this song as it’s not the lead single from Sam’s upcoming album. It’s a buzz single, helping Sam promote his music in the new year.

Sam released this song at the right moment considering he is now officially engaged. It’s time he talks about his on and off relationship. It’s a sign of maturity as the singer talks about his relationship in this song.

It’s an apology song and it was definitely needed to help Sam sort out his personal life maybe. The good thing is that it sounds great and everyone can relate themselves to the lyrics. He says sorry to her for making her popular on social media and all the nuisance that may be causing due to people hitting on her. He also wants her girl to let him pay her student loans because he made some money with the songs that she gave him.

It’s so romantic that you’d definitely find some elements relating to your personal life. Now Sam has made for himself the perfect moment to propose to his girl and say “I’m on my way to you”.

For Sam’s girl, Hannah, this is the perfect way to start the new year. She’s got this perfect song for her and probably a diamond ring. Now the girl would welcome the year with “Drinking too much” and Sam. Listen to the song below.

Listen to “Drinkin’ Too Much” by Sam Hunt

Post Author: David Watt