Single: “Body Say” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has premiered a new song titled “Body Say”. The song was available on Spotify yesterday but it is released the¬†official on iTunes today.

Demi has released the song but still there is no information about the future of this song. Maybe it will be included in her upcoming sixth studio album “Confident” or maybe she’s thinking of keeping it as a buzz single – a one-off single just for her fans. Only time will tell if she’s going to include it on her new album.

Demi earlier sang the song on her “Future Now” tour where fans cheered her for the song. Her live performance was mesmerizing but still the song sounds much better in studio version.

This new single “Body Say” is an R&B song but it has elements of electropop and indie music. Demi has definitely delivered a good song and chances are good that it will be a hit all over the U.S radio. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It’s time to listen to this new single. Make sure you leave your opinion in the comments below.

Listen to “Body Say” by Demi Lovato

Post Author: David Watt