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Music: “You Already Know” by Fergie

When Fergier performed at Rock In Rio Festival on 20th May, everyone was expecting something from her. But she still managed to surprise audience as she premiered “You Already Know” – a brand new song that would become part of her first solo album titled “Double Dutchess”. The album is planned for release later this year.

Fergie was expected to deliver a one-hour long performance at the music festival. There was news that she’d be premiering some new music but no one expected her to open her setlist with the new music. She did that and everyone loved it although they were not ready for it. It was one of the best songs that you’ve heard from Fergie.

“You Already Know” has a wonderful old school vibe to it. The song is all about rap and Fergie tells us again that she really knows her stuff. To make things more interesting, Fergie got Nicki Minaj help her with a motivational slogan towards the end of the performance which sounded something like “Make some noise for my girl Fergie Ferg”. Nicki wasn’t there for sure so it must be some sort of recording. But still, Fergie has got the things under her control. It looks like she’s all set for a massive solo career.

Watch Fergie Perform “You Already Know” Live

Post Author: David Watt