Music: “Wild Love” by Cashmere Cat and The Weeknd

Cashmere Cat and The Weeknd have released a new song titled “Wild Love” and you can listen to this song in full HQ galore right now. It’s amazing how quickly both artists have come up with this song as they were reported working on a track together only  a few days now.

This new song “Wild Love” is already available on iTunes and Spotify. You can stream it or purchase it after reading this review.

“Wild Love” has quite a bizarre production and it isn’t a lyric-rich song at all. Still, the song is catchy and there is something that makes you play it over and over again. To be honest, it’s infectious and I’m sure a lot of you are going to recognize “Wild Love” that way.

The song opens up with robotic vocals. Soon you will hear The Weeknd making a contribution with his ‘human’ vocals. Although the song lacks long verses, the lyrics that you hear from The Weeknd serve the purpose. They are all that you need really. Get ready to enjoy this high and compact musically intense production.

The single will be included on Cashmere Cat’s upcoming debut studio album. This song will serve as a lead single for this album. As of news, the album is also titled “Wild Love”. It will hit the market in early 2017 via Interscope Records.

Listen to “Wild Love” by Cashmere Cat and The Weeknd

Post Author: David Watt