Music Video: “Wrist” by Chris Brown

Chris Brown has decided to continue with the story he from “Back To Sleep” music video that he premiered last week. His new music video for single “Wrist” starts where “Back To Sleep” ends.

Breezy Boy walks out of her girls apartment after making out with her and getting back to sleep. While wandering in the mysterious neighborhood, Breezy Boy encounters a strange ‘afro’ girl who puts him to sleep with a magical pink powder. While asleep, Chris dreams of dancing with a group of males who are wearing hats. When he eventually wakes up from sleep, he finds himself tied to a chair. The magical ‘afro’ girl is there and she is about to slay our Breezy Boy by cutting his throat. That’s when magic happens and Chris uses his super-hero powers to switch places with the ‘afro’ girl. Chris can finally walk out of there safely leaving the magical girl tied to the chair. This is where this music video ends and as things have shaped up, chances are good that we will have yet another twist in this story in the next music video by Chris Brown.

The story that Chris has developed through his last three music videos seems a rather expensive one. His label definitely wants him to succeed no matter how much money it costs. Anyhow, the story is developing really good and we all want to see ‘the end’ even if it costs RCA a few more million dollars.

Watch music video “Wrist” by Chris Brown

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz