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New Music Video: “Waste A Moment” by Kings of Leon

Although it will take you a long time and a lot of brain ache before you could solve the plot of this new music video by Kings of Leon, it’s still a music video that everyone has welcomed. This new MV for “Waste A Moment” will confuse you but it will leave you with a good feeling.

You will have many questions by the end of the music video. But don’t worry, someone is finally going to answer these questions for us, whether fans or Kings of Leon. Let’s wait for fan theories on the cheerleader girl. I believe she’s probably an alien who has come to our planet from somewhere else in the universe. Everyone else is probably blind.

My fan theory on this video is that it’s ironic. Kings of Leon are probably taking “Waste A Moment” literally and therefore they are trying to waste our moment by confusing us with a video that has so many loose ends that no one would be able to find answers eventually.

Whatever the reason KOL made this video so confusing, it’s definitely worth a moment. Fans would love to spend that moment with their favorite band. If you are also happy to give KOL a moment from your life, hit PLAY below and watch the music video.

Watch “Waste A Moment” by Kings of Leon

Post Author: David Watt