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Music Video: “Wait” by Adam Levine

Maroon 5 has premiered a low-budget music video for their new single “Wait”. The video continues on the current trend of making low-budget videos and expecting them to do well.

It’s a Snapchat-themed music video where you see Adam¬†Levine experimenting with multiple Snapchat filters. As interesting the idea might seem, it’s executing on screen is nothing less than embarrassing.¬† The music video came out on Thursday morning on VEVO.

It’s a self-made video. Now you can’t have a low-budget video with streamline directors so Adam took the right route here. However, Adam could’ve thought of something more interesting than tweaking some visual filters. That’s the only thing that you’d see in this music video.

How did Adam shoot this video? With his iPhone and nothing more. He used his iPhone and the famous Snapchat filters to record himself on different occasions. He applied various filters to maybe elaborate the situation further or just to explain his emotion at that particular time. “Wait” music video doesn’t make you wait for anything. It’s instant and direct. From the first moment, you know what you are getting in these visuals. Unfortunately, that’s the only positive we can take from this MV. Everything else seems totally out of synch and not artistic at all. It’s neither any fun to play with these filters the way Adam did in this video. Watch it below.

Watch “Wait” Music Video by Maroon 5

Post Author: David Watt