Music Video: “Safe Inside” by James Arthur

If you were expecting new music this week from James Arthus, then you got it. He has picked up a new single from his album “Back from the Edge” and given his fans a music video for the song.

It’s been three months since James Arthur released “Say You Won’t Let Go”. That single hit the No.1 spot on UK Singles Chart and fans have been waiting for new music every since. Now that “Safe Inside” is the official follow-up single after the smash hit chart-busting single, there is also a video that James premiered last night on VEVO.

The music video is about how the life of a girl named Laura became terrible and tormented, losing total control over her life. Arthur will also appear in the music video from time to time, making a cameo as he performs his song.

When the video opens, the girl starts to face her demons. Her life is an emotional roller coaster as her relationship with her father becomes terrible. As it goes down the hill, her demons start tormenting her. But then she thinks about her brother, who was always there for her. She thinks of him as his cornerstone, someone who could help her fight the demons inside. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Safe Inside” Music Video by James Arthur

Post Author: David Watt