Video Review: “Summer On You” by PRETTYMUCH

PRETTYMUCH hasn’t disappointed ever since fans and critics dubbed them as the Next BIG thing in 2017. The band gave us the hit track “Would You Mind” and now they have followed it up with “Summer On You”. This new single form the boy band has also received video treatment, making it a surefire hit.

Could the boy band curated by Simon Cowell be hitting the radio this year? It’s only a time before they do that and once it happens, they could become the biggest sensation on radio. Their new single “Summer On You” is a radio-friendly single, which is produced by Steve Mac. The track is written by Ed Sheeran so we expect it to have deep relatable lyrics.

Now the boy band has premiered the official music video for the track. It’s a feel-good music video where you will see Brandon Arrega along with other band members on a road trip. When they reach their destination, they want to rest in a cabin but surprisingly it’s already occupied. You guessed it right – they will find ladies in there and from there on you know what would happen. Keep guessing or simply watch the music video below.

Watch “” by “Summer On You”  by PRETTYMUCH

Post Author: David Watt