Music Video Review: “Feels” by Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris has premiered a new music video for his recent song “Feels”. This is a new music video and feels like much improvement over what we saw from Calvin earlier. I’m sure fans are going to enjoy the video as Calvin Harris put in a lot of effort to remake this video.

The song “Feels” features many mainstream artists. I think that’s the reason Calvin Harris has released a second music video. Probably he understands that he can get this song moving with powerful visuals. The artists featuring in this song are Big Sean, Katty Perry, and Pharrell Williams.

The original music video for “Feel” came out back in June. It feels as if Calvin was waiting for the right moment to give us the new music video as he released it on the morning of VMAs. Since Katy Perry hosted VMAs and the Calvin Harris song features her, it’s probably the perfect time to premier the new video. I can sense this video going viral and helping the song climb up in the charts.

Even though Calvin Harris gave us this new video, a lot of you might still like the original video. It was perfect and you might not feel the need for a new one. But I think Calvin did this just to remind people of this song at a time when it could have worked a lot better compared to the time when he released the first music video.

The video gives us a new angle on things. You will see Calvin Harris doing guitars while Pharrell is on drums. Big Sean acts as the hype man while Katty takes up the singing role. They all become a band and play the song for their fans. The video came out really good, especially Katty looks stunning in her new hippie look. You can watch the music video below.

Watch New Music Video for “Feels” by Calvin Harris Ft. Katty Perry, Pharrell Williams, and Big Sean

Post Author: David Watt