New Music Video: “Reggaeton Lento (Remix MV)” by CNCO & Little Mix

Little Mix and CNCO have re-done the music video for “Reggaeton Lento” to give us a┬áremix video. It’s for the remix version of the song that has been circling around for a while. Now the band CNCO has premiered a video for this remix version and it features Little Mix.

Unfortunately, this video fails to impress the fans. If the boy band wanted to do a music video for the remixed version of their hit song, they should have done it better. The video simply looks disjointed with CNCO and Little Mix never coming together, not even in a single shot. You will always see them apart as they never dance together or anything. There is absolutely no interaction between the two bands. I don’t like it and I know a lot of other bloggers who are having a dig at the bands for making this video look so out of place.

Little Mix look super sexy in the video, as you expect from the girls. They put on some adorable Spanish dress that makes you want them. However, we wanted to see them interacting and dancing with the boy band. They never do that. The video is out on VEVO where you can watch it. You can also watch the video below. Just hit play.

Watch “Reggaeton Lento” Music Video (Remix) by CNCO & Little Mix

Post Author: David Watt