Music Video: “Nikes” by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has premiered a new single titled “Nikes” after giving his fans a 45-minute visual titled “Endless”. It was only a day after this visual that Frank premiered new material – a new song titled “Nikes”. This new single will be included in his upcoming album “Boys Don’t Cry”. The fans are already waiting for this album. It will come out in the stores at the end of this year. The song was released officially on Apple Music last night.

“Nikes” is a great song, no matter how you look at it. If you are a fan of Fran Ocean, be ready for some rapping in this electronic R&B song.

Now that’s not it. There is even more. Frank wanted to give his fans more than a new single and so he released the official music video along with the single. The music video is about a lot of things, from girls on horses to girls spreading the light in the world, coming out when they spread their legs. Even Frank has put on eye liner and looks bizarre with his wardrobe changes and makeup.

It’s a good video although it’s a little bizarre. You can watch it below.

Watch “Nikes” official music video by Frank Ocean

Watch “Nikes” posted by Frank Ocean on Apple Music.

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    (2016-08-23 - 9:44 pm)

    We’ve been waiting for four years for some new music from Frank Ocean, and we finally got to take in his “visual album”

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