Music Video: “Lighter” by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is currently on her North American tour to promote her experimental album “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz”. She is planning to give this album for free during the coming summer. Her first performance was in Chicago which was a total hit. Fans knew lyrics of her tracks and she was actually able to get a lot of downloads from the audience.

“Lighter” by Miley Cyrus

During her performance at the concert, Miley noticed that “Lighter” was the song that clearly stood out from all her performances. This was inspirational enough for Miley to release a music video for the song for the love of her fans. They sang “Lighter” with her while she was performing and everyone who knows Miley knew immediately that she would be releasing a video soon. She really loves her fans and her fans have shown their loyalty to her so far on her North American tour.

The music video is directed by Miley herself and Wayne Coyne. The music video gives us ‘naked’ Miley once again as she dances to the beat of the track. She then appears in a bathrobe for some other scene. While dancing and singing in a super casual mood, she holds her lighter and sparks a blunt. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Lighter” Music Video by Miley Cyrus

Post Author: David Watt