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Music Video: “Glad He’s Gone” by Tove Lo

Tove Lo has helped a lot after a breakup of us with the ‘pep talk’ that is her single “Glad He’s Gone.’ Now she has also given us the official music for the track and it seems she has done a great job with it.

The track “Glad He’s Gone” is a catchy anthem with a very powerful chorus. It’s about friendship and how the bond of friendship can help overcome the depression resulting from a breakup.

The 31-year old singer roams around the world in this latest video. Directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, it sets the perfect scene for the song theme to be played out. Tove Lo gets a call from a friend and then she’s off to help her friend. The journey doesn’t end well as she finds herself in a prison. Now she’s to be creative and find a way out of here. When she finally does, she also needs a new identity – the hidden message in the track. While on her adventures, she’s talking to her friend, giving her the pep talk she needed after the breakup. It’s probably the best visuals we’ve seen from the singer. Give it a try below and I’m sure you’ll like what Tove Lo has to offer in this catchy visual.

Watch Music Video “Glad He’s Gone” by Tove Lo

Post Author: David Watt