New Music Video: “Freak” by Lana Del Rey – {Watch Full 11-minute Long MV}

Lana Del Rey has finally premiered the official music video for track “Freak” from her last studio album titled “Honeymoon”. The music video is 11 minutes long and has nothing to ‘freak’ about but everything to be happy about.

“Freak” music video features Father John Misty who plays Lana Del Rey’s lover. Lana shared a short clip from the video on Twitter before premiering the full video yesterday through VEVO in the USA which created a lot of hype. As soon as the music video premiered through VEVO, it got thousands of hits within minutes.

The music video is about Lana Del Rey and Father John Misty’s romantic day off in countryside. They relax near a cliff and show their affection for each other. Lana, who is definitely very passionate about her man, drugs him and makes his sexual fantasies come true. Father John Misty sees himself surrounded by beautiful girls who seem to be there only to make him happy. Then Lana takes the drug too and joins her man in his fantasies. She, along with the other girls, starts loving Father John Misty. Towards the end of the video, they all dive in water together after Lana poured a red drink all over her body trying to seduce her man.

Watch “Freak” by Lana Del Rey – Official Music Video

Post Author: David Watt