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Music Video: Brother Leo “Shine”

Ola Nils Hakan Svensson also known by the stage name ‘Brother leo’ is a Swedish artist best known for his Nordic songs from 2005 to 2010. Then he came up with big hits like “Push up” and “Strangers on the Island”. And after a gap of 9 months, he comes up with a highly relatable and really catchy “Shine”.

The chorus is relatable for every teenager and young professional going out every day, living their life on a rewind, but never living for themselves, as he sings “I’m so sick of Mon-day, Tues-day, Three more days till Friday – Wednesday, Thursday, wonder when it’s my day, to Shine, Shine, Shine (Going Louder and longer)”.

He told about the story behind the song that “I was in a pretty dark place when this song came to life, and it proved to be very therapeutic and became the defining moments of Brother Leo”.

Listen To “Shine” by Brother Leo

Post Author: Harvey Dyer