Music Video: “Bitch I’m Madonna” by Madonna

Queen of pop Madonna has released a new music video for her new single “Bitch I’m Madonna”. This new club-ready single is from her new album “Rebel Heart”. The music video is directed by Jonas Akerlund and it features half a dozen pop stars including Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and Katy Perry. Nicki Minaj is the original collaborator and makes an appearance in the video as well.

It seems obvious that this track is a response to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”. It also shares many similarities with the track. But there is a chance that this track was planned before “Bad Blood” was conceived. After all, you can’t get Beyonce to appear in your video at the last minute.

“Bitch I’m Madonna” becomes really enjoyable with all these little cameos from pop stars. The track is all about partying, fashion and face close-ups. The music video has all the ingredients of a hit video especially with so many pop stars powering it. We think Madonna has a summer club hit despite the fact that it was somewhat unexpected. You can listen to track below and watch video. Let us know in comments if you think this will be a 2015 summer hit.

Watch “Bitch I’m Madonna” by Madonna


Post Author: David Watt