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Music: “Saw You In A Dream” by The Japanese House

The Japenese House is easily one of the most talked-about artists if this year so far and that’s for a reason. The band, consisting of a solo member Amber Bain, has already released three EPs and they have earned her a lot of praise. She has released all her EPs through Dirty Hit Records.

Amber Bain is from Britain and she’s got some real talent. The 21-year old artist has already received a nomination from BBC and has contributed to a movie soundtrack. This time, she returns with a sad but powerful song titled “Saw You In A Dream”. This song is a new sound from what we heard on Amber’s last EP “Swim Against The Tide” as it’s a little whimsy and low down. Nevertheless, the song still has a powerful melody, as you expect from Amber. The melody comes out on top as Amber sings about her ‘perfect hallucination’. She believes it’s the most pretty vision that she ever had. But just the way all ‘good things come to an end’, so does this experience. It’s probably a dream that will be over soon.

It’s your chance to jump into a dreamscape with The Japanese House. Give it a chance and you’d love this new dream world. You can listen to this song below.

Listen to “Saw You In A Dream” by The Japanese House

Post Author: David Watt