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Music Review: “If The World Was Ending” By JP Saxe Ft. Julia Michaels + Music Video

JP Saxe has released a new song and it features our favorite Julia Michaels. Even better, the song is a pure gem, unlike Julia’s other collaborations that were just average. The track is titled “If the World Was Ending.”

The song has an apocalyptic theme as the title suggests. Julia co-wrote it with Saxe when they met the first time. It was the time when LA had faced the worst earthquake in its history and everyone was in that apocalyptic mood. They met, their music came together, and they ended up creating this gem.

The song is about the situation when the world is finally ending and you are thinking if you would make it back to that special person in your life. It’s a critical situation and a true test of your love. Remember, there is nothing holding you back now as you know that the world is going to end. So what’s your decision? That’s the question the song asks. It’s a perfect song for a visual and that’s exactly what Julia and Saxe have done. Along with the track, they’ve also released a music video and it’s as good as the music and lyrics. You’d love this treat. Watch the video and listen to “If The World Was Ending” below.

Watch Music Video “If The World Was Ending” By JP Saxe Ft. Julia Michaels

Post Author: David Watt