Dua Lipa Feat Hwa Sa

Music: Physical K-pop remix by Dua Lipa(Feat Hwa Sa)

Dua Lipa is quite clearly the undisputed pop-queen of 2020. “Don’t start Now” continues climbing its way up the Billboard Hot 100(currently at number two), while the momentum behind ‘Physical’ also continues to pick up.

 The songstress’s bop is definitely going to enjoy another round of popularity with the k-pop remix that dropped yesterday(March 18).  Dua Lipa had teamed up with Hwa Sa from MAMAMOO(Popular Korean Girl band) for a revised version of the song.

Its all making perfect sense now. Lana needs ‘Don’t Start Now’ to run its course before going full-throttle with the ‘Physical’ promo while keeping her content-hungry fans hooked. Also, this is great exposure for Hwa Sa and MAMAMOO. You can listen to their song below

New Music: Physical K-pop remix by Dua Lipa(Feat. Hwa Sa)

Post Author: David Watt