Music: “Ooga Boo” by Cher

Cher has recently given us new music. This new piece of music is titled “Ooga Boo” and it’s going to serve as a soundtrack for the upcoming TV series for kids. The TV series is titled “Home: Adventures with Tip And Oh”.

This latest song from the pop icon is nothing less than a lifting ballad that empowers you. It’s about being yourself and finding your inner power. Although it’s a song for kids, it has heavy electronic production and catchy chorus. I’m sure kids will love it, especially if they like the TV series. That will contribute a great deal to make this song a hit – or otherwise.

It’s the kind of song we wanted Cher to do for her comeback. It’s powerful and has a wonderful production. Exactly what we expect from Cher.

Cher has been active this year. She has been talking a lot on Twitter about the recent political developments. Not only that, she has done some musical work to help the world. It was a documentary that utilized her music earlier. Anyway, this a proof that Cher is active even at the age of 71 years. She is fully committed to making this world a better place and she’s helping with her music. Now she has decided to bring joy to kids’ face with her powerful pop music.  You can listen to this song below.

Listen to “Ooga Boo” by Cher

Post Author: David Watt