Seriously starting to like these secretive Mancunians. You may remember I featured their single ‘Heartbreaker’ not long ago. Back then I didn’t know much about NO CEREMONY/// (the capitals and slashes seem to be mandatory!), except they made brilliantly unsettling and darkly melodic electro stuff. I still don’t know much about them – they don’t seem to be keen on giving much away about themselves – but with every track they release they show they’ve got something genuinely exciting going on. Here’s their latest track ‘HOLDONME’:

It’s not the instant attention grabber that ‘Heartbreaker’ was, but its deep and slow atmospherics really start to sweep you away after a few listens.

For those who like a bit of visual as well as audio, NO CEREMONY/// have released a suitably artsy video to accompany ‘HOLDONME’ – which is comprised of edited footage of an old American anti-drugs film called ‘A Day In The Life Of Donny B’:

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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