New Music: “Make Me Cry” by Noah Cyrus (Miley Cyrus sister)

I had to put Miley Cryrus sister in the headline but seriously it doesn’t have to be how we introduce Noah Cyrus to you. With her first single, she has already proved that she doesn’t need her sister’s name to become famous.

Her grand enterance into the music scene could be too early for some who are looking at her as Miley’s 16-year old sister rather than a talented teen. She’s proved all those critics wrong with her debut single “Make Me Cry”. She released the song today on the internet. Noah contributed to the song more than her vocals as she also wrote the lyrics. Labrinth produced the song and also sang a few lines.

The song sounds really good to the ears. The electronic elements are gentle and suble. You are also going to enjoy the lyrics. Noah has really got some talent in songwriting. At 16, she is such a powerhouse of talent, I wonder what she’s going to do later in her career. She’s a surefire hitmaker of the future.

She has total control over her voice. Throughout the song, she proves it by varying and controling the pitch of the song.

The song is about a boy, as you’d expect from a teenager. The boy has broken Noah’s heart but she can’t get her mind off him. She’s still thinking of him and crying about what he did to her. NOW is the time she needs him the most but at the same time she hates him the most NOW. It’s a moment of conflict.

Listen to “Make Me Cry” by Noah Cyrus

Post Author: David Watt