Music: “Love Yourself” by Mary J. Blige featuring Kanye West

Mary J. Blige has linked up with the rap superstar Kanye West for the latest single from hr forthcoming new studio album. This new album is titled “Strength of a Woman” and this new single is titled “Love Yourself”. The album is expected to hit the stores during the last week of April.

If you thought for a second that this song could be the cover of the famous “Love Yourself” single by Justin Bieber, you’re wrong. It’s a totally different song but it could be as major hit as was Bieber’s track.

This new song is about learning to love yourself. Mary J. sings in the chorus that it would be impossible to love someone else unless you learn to love yourself. It’s about the importance of self-love.

Although the song has a strong message, it’s dated. It looks like Mary J. hasn’t worked on a fresh idea but instead went for the same old theme for¬†women empowering song. She even chose the wrong genre, if you ask me. To be honest, it’s not just this album that is showing signs of dated songs, but her recent work has been going in the wrong direction. She’s probably lost her touch and that’s the reason I feel like she wasted her chance to collaborate with a superstar like Kanye, who has delivered fire in his verses. Could this song become a hit somehow? Only time could tell. It’s time you listen to it and decide yourself. Listen to “Love Yourself” below.

Listen to “Love Yourself” by Mary J. Blige¬†featuring Kanye West

Post Author: David Watt