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Music: Listen to “Tingz” and “Chun-Li” by Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has made a comeback with two new singles titled “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li”. As expected, Nicki released both the new singles on April 12. She has also promised a triple release so we are being blessed by Nicki and it’s true.

Both the tracks “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li” are both buzz tracks. Nicki wanted us to get some taste of her new album and she gives us two songs for that reason. Not only that but she also announced that will be teaming up with Young Thug for a track titled “Anybody”. That’s pretty generous. I’m sure Nicki fourth album, that’s planed for a 2018 release, will be pure FIRE.

Both the new tracks “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li” promise a strong comeback from the 35-year old rapper in her next album. What I can tell is that it’s going to be a pure Nicki album where you will see her getting back to her roots. It’s going to be hip-hop all the way. Her choice of brag-heavy lyrics is clearly an indication that we are going to listen to a lot of it in her album. But is it what we want to listen from her after all? Her bragging about her royalty and taking digs at other artists?

Nicki may move ahead with the track “Barbie Tingz”. Since she has already announced a music video for the track, I’m confident that she will give it single treatment. Just watch for the announcement when the music video comes out.

If She selects “Barbie Tingz” as her next single, I won’t be disappointed. The track has some infectious bold beats and even lyrics can do the track. It is a potential hit and with visual treatment from Nicki, it could easily make a decent entry on charts. Listen to the tracks below.

Listen to “Barbie Tingz” by Nicki Minaj

Listen to “Chun-Li” by Nicki Minaj

Post Author: David Watt