New Music: “Light The Night Up” by Tinashe – Review + Audio

Tinashe has released a brand new song titled “Light The Night Up”. Unfortunately, the song is turning out to be a horror dream for the singer. No one has said a good word about it. Fans are trolling Tinashe on social media for this song and I’m sure she also wants to forget it soon.

So if you are wondering why did Tinashe release this song, it’s no big secret. It’s not her next single so Tinashe fans don’t have to bang their head against the wall. It’s just a new song from her and nothing more like that. She did this dated and ‘not good’ song only for one reason and that’s Thursday Night Football. The song is going to serve as the official track. After that, this song will die and no one will hear of it ever again.

I’m sure that would be the fate of this song that has already received plenty of hatred on Twitter. A lot of fans are going crazy, asking Tinashe never to do a this-king-of song again. You can listen to it below.

Listen to “Light The Night Up” by Tinashe

Post Author: David Watt