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Music: “Lemonade” by Adam Friedman featuring Mike Posner

Adam Friedman has recruited Mike Posner and Avicii for his new single titled “Lemonade”. This Arizona-based singer released his debut single “Pretty Things” a few months back and became an instant hit. Everyone wanted to know about this guy.

Now the same guy who gave us “Pretty Things” has collaborated with Mike Posner and Avicii for his new single titled “Lemonade”. It’s like a dream come true and I’m sure Adam will go a long way considering how he has planned his first few moves in the music industry.

Adam, who was named one of pop’s rising artists’ by Spotify after his debut single entered the Top 10 Global Viral Chart, has now worked the clever trick by bringing his friend Mike Posner into his new single. This new single is already doing great on US radios where it is being played throughout the day. Since this summer track has a laid back feeling and it’s an indie-pop song, radio will continue to love it throughout the summer. If things stay like this for Adam, he is going to end up with a huge summer hit as a follow up to his earlier success with “Pretty Things”.

“Lemonade” is a kind of song that stays with you for long. Once you play it, you can’t just get over to the next song. You want to put it on repeat. It’s a perfect song when you are driving around aimlessly by the coast during the summer. You can listen to it below.

Listen to “Lemonade” by Adam Friedman

Post Author: David Watt