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Music: “Do You” By Elle Winter – Listen Now

Elle Winter is having a perfect year as she signed a megadeal with RED Music and then she started working on her debut EP. And she ain’t lazy so she is already gearing for a late fall release. That’s major news considering how amazing both tracks sound that we’ve heard from her album so far. The first was “Sick of You” and now she has released a new song within a month titled “Do You.”

The new single “Do You” is written by The Orphanage who is also producing the song. The track has a vibrant beat that definitely has freshness to it. The subject-matter of the track is about people who want to control your life. The artists feels it’s not the right way to live your life – instead one should have control over his or her own life and allow no one to interrupt that control.

It’s an anthem that will stick with you for long. It’s empowering for those who feel trapped under others’ control. The message is simple and clear – focus on your own journey and forget others. Don’t think what they are doing and what they want you to do. It already sounds like a hit so give it a listen below.

Listen to “Do You” by Elle Winter

Post Author: David Watt