Music: “Underground” by Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert has released his new single “Underground”. This new single isn’t a routine Adam Lambert track but features futuristic R&B, which isn’t Adam’s territory as we know it. This track will be part of Adam Lambert’s upcoming third album titled “The Original High”. The album will hit stores on 16 June.

When you listen to “Underground” by Adam Lambert, you may not believe that all of it is sung by Adam Lambert. Some parts of the song sound so different that you are definitely going to think that it isn’t Adam singing but that not the case. His vocals sound fabulous while showing a lot of R&B inspiration. The track is all about celebrating love as the chorus indicates “I want to take you under…ground”.

Although “Underground” sounds perfect and majority of fans have already started liking the track, it isn’t a radio-friendly track. So far we have listened two tracks from Adam’s upcoming album and both tracks sound so different from his routine music that there is no doubt to say that this album is going to be very personal for Adam. The only thing he needs to ensure is that he has some ace tracks to release next month. The tracks we have heard are great but they aren’t radio friendly. And without releasing any radio-friendly ace tracks, Adam won’t be making a lot of album sales for sure.

Adam Lambert has already been label-less when RCA let him go on his failure to generate sales for “Trespassing”. Adam might face a similar fate if he fails to generate sales for his new album “The Original High” as his new label, Warner Bros, isn’t going to keep him with no album sales. Listen to Adam’s “Underground” below and let us know in comments if you think Adam is going to have some radio success with this track.

Listen to “Underground” by Adam Lambert

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz