Music: “The Only One” by Trey Songz

Trey Songz has released a brand a new song titled “The Only One”. The song previewed on radio on June 3rd for the first time. Release of this track means good news for the fans as Trey Songz is planning to release number of new songs for his upcoming album “Trigga Reloaded”. The album with new material will be re-released on June 23 via Atlantic Records. If you are looking for new music from Trey Songz then this is the album for you.

“The Only One” is all about Trey Songz trying to convince her lady friend to get along with him as he is the ultimate male, the Alpha Male. Trey tries to tell her that he can deliver the ultimate sexual experience with his Alpha Male capabilities, which is why Trey sings “Ain’t another nigg* can spread you like that”.

Trey Songz is definitely using sex card in this song to get attention. He has no way to convince his girl so his only option left is to try the sex card. This is the way Trey Songz is going to make her believe that he is the right man for her. Is this going to pay off for Trey Songz? Is he going to actually convince the girl that he is the right man for her? Listen to the song below and be the judge yourself. Don’t forget to let us know your comments about the song.

Listen to “The Only One” by Trey Songz



Post Author: Asif Mumtaz