New Music: “Noche y de Dia” by Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias has probably admitted his failure with English language songs after previous album “Sex and Love” failed to achieve any major milestones. It is probably the right time for Enrique to give his English songs a rest for a while so that he can focus on his original talent once again. So far all the English tracks he has released from his previous album failed to get to the top of Billboard charts, mainly because they lack the spark and originality that his English party-music previously had. Enrique has failed to recognize his own failure in English language songs and therefore he continues teaming up with Pitbull, who shares a similar story of losing favor among party-goers.

But all isn’t lost. Enrique has eventually found time to work on Spanish music. The good news is that he hasn’t still lost all his spark as far as Spanish music is concerned. His Latin language tracks still have the same sultry and catchy pop tunes that we all loved so much in the past. Probably someone will advise him to do his next album in 100% Spanish.

Enrique Iglesias has recently released a Spanish track titled “Noche Y de Dia” which translates to “At night and daytime” in English. The track features Yendel and Juan Magan. It is one of those tracks that have ‘hit’ written all over it. “Noche y de Dia” is an addictive and catchy track and probably has all the vibe that a club song released in winter time needs to have. Music video for this track has already surfaced on the internet and you can watch it below.

Watch “Noche y de Dia” by Enrique Iglesias

Post Author: David Watt