New Music: “Infinity” by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is will be releasing her compilation album on 18 May. The album will be titled “#1 to Infinity” and it will contain her best tracks from the past but there is one new track in the album titled “Infinity”. This track is a mid-tempo pop anthem, co-produced by Eric Hudson. The song is co-written by Mariah and Eric Hudson. The song was released on iTunes on today.

Mariah Carey has been away from music scene since long. She is now returning with “#1 to Infinity” project. Mariah’s “#1 to Infinity” project features 18 other tracks, all of them having the honor of being the No.1 singles on Billboard Hot 100. This project will be under Sony Music through Epic Records. Mariah’s fans are really excited about her comeback. With her single dropping today, there is every chance that she will gather some momentum by 18 May and will be generating good number of sales.

The pop diva sings about love and breakup in her new single. She talks about how love can seem like something that will last forever, for infinity, but actually nothing lasts forever. A breakup is what kills the love and everything that seemed perfect before just goes away in a minute.

Mariah, who is also celebrating her Vegas residency this week, is having a great time. She will be kicking off her first show of these celebrations on May 6 and will eventually build up towards album release by 18 May. She is also planning a music video for “Infinity” which will be out sometimes this week. The music video is directed by Brett Ratner.

Listen to “Infinity” by Mariah Carey

Post Author: David Watt