Music: “Dead Inside” by Muse

Muse has just premiered a single from their forthcoming album titled “Drones”. “Dead Inside” is the second single to be premiered from this album. This song will be second song on the album tracklist. The band also released another track from their highly anticipated album earlier this month titled ‘Psycho’.

Muse released this new track on 24 March and send an accompanying press release to all the selected website. Band’s leading performer Matt Bellamy wrote in the press releases that this track would indicate new era that Muse was about to enter. He went on to write about how this track connects with previous release “Psycho”. The protagonist becomes ‘dead inside’ in this track which makes him vulnerable to the darkness inside. These dark forces were introduced in the track ‘Psycho’ and as Matt told the press, those dark forces will take over the next few songs in the album before the protagonist overcomes these dark forces towards the end of the album in the last few tracks. So technically speaking, this is the track that starts the dark journey.

The single “Dead Inside” is produced by Robert John Mutt Lange in collaboration with the band itself. The forthcoming album will have 12 tracks in it and you can pre-order it right away. Listen to “Dead Inside” below and let us know what you think of this amazing track that puts us on a new musical journey that we will explore through the music of Muse.

Listen “Dead Inside” by Muse – Official Audio

Post Author: David Watt