Single: “Alone No More” by Philip George

DJ Philip George has had tremendous success with his club hit “Wish You Were Mine”. In fact, it has played in almost all the UK clubs and anyone visiting clubs would have noticed this song out of the crowd. This track hit the #2 spot in the UK and helped the young producer Philip George make a name for himself.

Now just when we started realizing how big the impact has been of Philip’s first single, he has released his second single titled “Alone No More”. This dance house single is official follow up to his previous hit. The track has been released in the UK and it will make its way to a global market on October 3rd. The track will be released on iTunes through 3Beat Records. You can listen to the song now but you will have to wait until October 3rd to purchase the song officially and help the young club-house singer to carry on bringing us great music.

“Alone No More” is a wonderful track that is sure to hit the floor hard in any club. This club-ready track is extremely relatable – something majority of people will pick up the moment they listen the track and pay attention to the lyrics. Listen to a stream below and maybe you would want to sing this song at the top of your lungs.

Listen to “Alone No More” by Philip George

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz