Music Video: “100 Grandkids” by Mac Miller

Mac Miller, the young rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is all set to release her third LP. This LP will be a follow up to his smash hit “Watching Movies with the Sound Off”. The new project was kick-started with release of a music video “The Way”.

Mac Miller is the same guy who got lucky in “The Way” by Ariana Grande. After all, everyone is going to feel lucky when touched by the Ariana and think of someone getting to make it out with Ariana Grande. But that’s not it. The 23 year old rapper has a rap smash hit in his hands in “100 Grandkids”.

Mac Miller released both audio and video for “100 Grandkids” at the same time. To be honest, this new single sounds like fire and has everything that makes a top chart buster. The music video is about Miller playing ‘moon’ in a school play with other young kids on the stage. Everyone is dressed up in adorable costumes as they rap “100 Grandkids” together on the stage. Watch the full video below and we’re sure you are going to keep watching it. It will be everywhere on TV soon and you may have already listened to the audio on popular radio.

Watch 100 Grandkids by Mac Miller – Official Music Video



Post Author: Asif Mumtaz