Gianna Gianna

Listen To Gianna Gianna’s Single “Unlocked”

Gianna Gianna is one of the most popular underground artists in LA and yet a lot of you might not have heard of her yet. To fix that issue, here she is with her debut single with a major label. The track is titled “Unlocked” and she has released it under music label Manimal Vinyl.

“Unlocked” is a debut single from a powerful underground artist and so it has everything we expected. It’s powerful, batshit crazy and it’s an anthem that goes a long way to bring out Gianna Gianna’s unique vocals and eerie sounds. It’s a good debut track and we are sure it will help Gianna Gianna load herself up to the main music scene.

The song “Unlocked” is co-produced by Damien Blase who is also Gianna’s brother and member of her underground gigs. It’s a family affair. Listen to the song below and hopefully you’ll be looking forward to more from Gianna Gianna.

Listen To “Unlocked” By Gianna Gianna

Post Author: Harvey Dyer