A Fatherhood Anthem “For My Daughter” By Kane Brown

Kane Brown has become a dad and he is totally loving the experience of fatherhood. Just like any true artist, he used his medium to express these emotions and how he foresees the future now as a father. The ballad is titled “For My Daughter” and the crossover country star announced it on his Instagram.

Kane Brown’s daughter arrived in this world last month and by the end of the month, Kane was ready with his tribute anthem. While talking about the song, he told his fans that he actually wrote the song way back when he first got the news of being future parents. It was at that time that he started writing the song.

The song is about being parents, being there when your kid needs you whether it’s about playing the catch in the backyard or picking up on the pieces of first heartbreak. When the kid grows up and enters teens, it’s another time when they really need their parents around. It’s the time when someone needs to tell them to slow down and look closer at all situations. Since Kane grew up without a father, he misses all these experiences and now wants to ensure his daughter that he will be there for her, unlike his own father. While talking to fans, he said: “I can’t change the past now but the past has sure changed me.” Listen to this beautiful anthem below.

Listen To “For My Daughter” By Kane Brown

Post Author: David Watt