My Bloody Valentine working on new material…

My Bloody Valentine main-man Kevin Shields has revealed the band are currently working on a new album – the first since their seminal 1991 album Loveless. In a surprisingly candid interview with Pitchfork, the usually secretive and private Shields said:

“I’m just finishing a record that I had started in the 90s. It was going to be, like, the next record. But it was already after the band had half split up, and me and Bilinda [Butcher] were left. Then we got back together. We never broke up, technically; I left the band for legal reasons once, I had to. But other than that, I’ve always said that we were going to make a record again. You never know, we might finish it really quickly, and it might be up in a few months! I tend to work really quickly, suddenly, and I might be willing to do that right now. We’ll see!”

The material seems to have been provoked by My Bloody Valentine getting back together in 2008 for a series of reunion shows, which also led to the band planning to release a series of remastered albums, starting with Isn’t Anything and Loveless on 7 May.

What do you think of the first My Bloody Valentine material for 21 years? Are you excited, or getting fed up with all these reunions going on at the minute? Let me know in the comments below…

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    […] previously reported, My Bloody Valentine are expected to release new material sometime soon – their first since their legendary 1991 album Loveless. Kevin Shields went as […]

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