Music Video: “Tell Your Friends” by The Weeknd

Recently The Weeknd released a new single titled “Tell Your Friends” in a concert in Las Vegas at Drai’s club. Just days after, he has now dropped a music video for the track. This MV is released on VEVO.

The single “Tell Your Friends” is produced by Kanye West and it will be included in The Weeknd’s upcoming second album. The single is already making headlines after its surprise release as there were no leaks and snippets available for preview before fans heard it for the first time at Drai’s club.

The music video for “Tell Your Friends” is directed by Grant Singer. The Canadian singer is seen digging a grave first and then putting a man in it – the man he had killed earlier in the day. He then takes the shovel and starts throwing soil on the grave to cover it up. Finally, the crooner moves away from the grave towards his car as he continues to rap telling his his secrets and asking to ‘go tell your friends about it’ because he doesn’t care. He wants everyone to tell their friends about this murder that he committed. They can see the entire thing happening right in front of their eyes and the secret is out.


Watch Music Video “Tell Your Friends” by The Weeknd


Post Author: David Watt