Music Video Review: Used To This By Future Featuring Drake

Two best friends, Future and Drake released a brand new collaboration video “Used to This” on November 3rd, 2016. It is an urban number that begins with a nice piano melody. The song is about them enjoying their rich lives. “Drop top Porsches, I’m used to this, Mansion in the Hills, I got used to this” sings the Future in the hook.

Eif Rivera direction shows Drake and Future in a soccer field with a bunch of girls wearing Mexican soccer team shirts. The director tried his best to show them as athletes but didn’t work out for him as there wasn’t any gameplay. They were a bunch of models performing some hot choreography; shaking their booty. I’m sure they didn’t know a thing about soccer.

You will also see Drake wearing a Mexican soccer team shirt in the whole video. “Lambo come alive man, I’m used to this, No one looks surprised cause we used to this” raps the Drake. Later, you will also hear Drake giving a message to other musicians probably in this line “Money on your head if you make a nigga nervous.”

The video is a good one-timer and I won’t be watching it again. There wasn’t anything that would get my attention. Anyway, it’s a sweet mellow tune that definitely deserves some appreciation.

Watch: “Used to This” By Future Featuring Drake

Post Author: David Watt