Music Video Review: “Say Love” by JoJo – New Acoustic Version

JoJo made her comeback to the mainstream music by releasing new single titled “Say Love”. A music video for the single was followed up – all this happening nearly a month ago. This week, JoJo has released a new version of music video for “Say Love” and it’s a serene acoustic version.

The track “Say Love” is powerful and meaningful and JoJo has impressed everyone with her vocals. However, the new acoustic version lets us enjoy her vocal strength more profoundly as her massive vocals bring out the fragility of emotional lyrics and highlight her powerful singing.

“Say Love” will be included in JoJo’s upcoming studio album. This will be her third studio album and it will be available sometime early next year. JoJo is currently focusing entirely on her tour, which will end on December 20. You can listen to acoustic version of “Say Love” below and watch the refresher video.

Watch “Say Love” Music Video – Acoustic Version

Post Author: David Watt