Music Video Review: “Romeo” by Chairlift

Chairlift has released a music video for its newly released second single titled “Romeo” off forthcoming album “Moth”. The music video is about a race in the NY’s Chinatown. The music video is a modern take on the classic Greek myth of Atlanta.

If you are looking for a vivid and iconic music video, this is the one. Chairlift has a knack for making such videos. Surprisingly, none of their iconic videos look like a mega budget video and still feels larger than life. This new music video is nothing short of that.  Watch Caroline Polacheck run for her life as a ghost-like figure chases.

The music video for “Romeo” is a special one for Caroline. She has a special connection to Chinatown, the reason she decided to set the chase there. The music video stays loyal to the song and the emotions are clearly felt throughout the video. You have to watch it yourself to believe the realism and power of arrogance and resistance.

“Romeo” will be included in Chairlift’s third album “Moth”, which will be released in January, 2016. Watch the music video for “Romeo” below.

Watch Music Video “Romeo” by Chairlift

Post Author: David Watt