Music Video Review: “G.O.M.D” by J. Cole

Cole has premiered his new music video “G.O.M.D” which is a powerful hip-hop track produced and written by the rapper himself. The track is taken from J. Cole’s sophomore album released back album “2014 Forest Hills Drive”. The track is all about J. Cole’s struggle against the music industry and popularity that he has gained among his fans. Both these things are contributing and trying to change his music. He doesn’t like it so begins by telling them to ‘Get Off My D**k”.

The music video for “G.O.M.D” is directed by Lawrence Lamont. The video was released on 23 March and it was premiered on VEVO. Although the music video looks a lot like Quentin Tarantino’s feature film ‘Django Unchanged’ but some critics think that J. Cole’s inspiration actually came from ‘Selma’, another critically acclaimed feature film that gathered plenty of following after its release in 2015. The music video, irrespective of where it was originally inspired, sets new standards for music videos. It will definitely be appreciated by everyone watching it.

In the music video, J. Cole is shown serving a white family as a servant who considers himself lucky because his master treats him somewhat gently. The video takes us back to the times when black people were slaves in the United States and their only purpose of life was to serve their white masters. Although, J. Cole’s master is a good one, the rapper who is also protagonist in this video is fed up by the mid-way and wants to revolt against being treated like an inferior human being.

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz