Music Video Review: “Faded Love” by Tinashe

Tinashe has premiered a music video for “Faded Love”, her latest single from Joyride album. The video is made possible after collaboration with Spotify. It came out yesterday and turns out to be an exciting surprise with Tinashe showing her dance moves like never before. This girl definitely knows how to move her body. This music video is a dance extravaganza – one that you don’t want to miss.

The music video highlights Tinashe’s talents. After watching the music video for “Faded Love” a few times, I feel as if this could be Tinashe’s best music video ever. In the video, you will see Tinashe dressed in a simple outfit and ready to focus on her body. You don’t see the usual dancers helping the artist but all you see is Tinashe in an abandoned warehouse. She is on fire and ready to take the attention as the camera focuses on her dance moves.

The choreography is perfectly suitable for the song’s beat. Tinashe’s dance moves don’t feel random but perfectly choreographed according to the production of the song. The visual has an excellent quality that makes you watch it again. Tinashe has premiered this video in the vertical orientation that makes it great for mobile devices. Do you think Tinashe did some research knowing well that people watch videos on mobile most of the times? How about giving them a video that they can watch without having to tilt their phone? I think it’s a great move and it could very well start a new trend where singers shot videos in the vertical, focusing entirely on the mobile devices. Watch “Faded Love” visuals below.

Watch “Faded Love” music video by Tinashe

Post Author: David Watt