Music Video Review: “Distraction” By Kehlani Parrish

The American songwriter and singer Kehlani Parrish (Known as “Kehlani“) released the music video for her single “Distraction” on November 22nd, 2016. The single is said to be a part of her upcoming debut album “SSS” which will hit the stores in early 2017.

It took her a while to release the music video for “Distraction” as she released the audio track in July 2016. Well, let’s see how good the music video is!

“Distraction” music video is a YASHXANA direction in which you will Kehlani on three different sets: yellow, blue and white.  You will see her performing some slick choreography sitting on a sofa in her white outfit. Later, you will see her making out on a glittery sofa with her on-screen lover who’s giving some boxer realness with his outfit.

Also, you will see the both artists (Kehlani and male-model) making out on a bed in their red outfits and dancing to the tunes on a set decorated with yellow flowers giving us summer realness. The music video uploaded via YouTube received more than 400K views in just a day’s time.

It is a good music video, however, we aren’t distracted at all. Try again Kehlani! 😛

Watch: Music Video for “Distraction” By Kehlani

Post Author: David Watt