Music Video Review: “Dangerously” By Charlie Puth

New Jersey songwriter and record producer Charles Otto Puth Jr. nicknamed Charlie Puth has released an official music video for his track “Dangerously” on November 2nd, 2016. It’s an official new single from his debut studio album “Nine Track Mind.”

Aya Tanimura directed music video shows Charlie in a desperate and an obsessed state; screaming and then sitting in a corner. The video gives a vibe that his girlfriend isn’t with him anymore. Did she leave him or is she dead? Well, that’s something we don’t know of yet!

He’s looking himself in the mirror imagining his girl to be on the other side.

Later, you will see him punching a mirror and getting his knuckles bruised. Is a girl worth all that Charlie? Well, it seemed like that.

The press release announcing “Dangerously” was picked as the new single from “Nine Track Mind” because it was a fan favorite. The singer knows how to tribute fans for their admiration and appreciation.

But, why he didn’t pick “Some Type of Love” as a fan favorite? The music released on Spotify has over 21 million streams. On the other hand, “Dangerously” was able to get 9 million streams. Isn’t it biased?

Anyway, the music is really good and the lyrics are awesome. It deserved a music video.

Watch: “Dangerously” By  Charlie Puth

Post Author: Harvey Dyer